I Must Say, I’m Impressed

I finally got around to reading the hit piece on the Traditional Mass recently published at the “National” “Catholic” “Reporter”. Seems to be causing quite the ruckus. I loved it! I never laughed so hard in my whole life!

I had not realized that NCR loved the Traditional Mass so much as to publish the greatest satire piece ever written, pointing out the idiocy of the enemies of the Mass. absolutely brilliant.

Has anyone checked to see if NCR has been bought out by Babylon Bee?

Christ is King! There Is No Other!

This piece at Rorate Caeli states the problem accurately:

Here we are before a situation that is so horrendous that it makes us tremble.

The ancient cardinals, since the 16th century, had always refused to elect a Jesuit to the throne of Peter. The 2013 conclave broke this taboo: the Pachamama-worshippers must be aware that in non-Christian traditional religions breaking a taboo always leads to calamities.

The organizers of this Pachamama-Synod had forewarned us: nothing will be like before after this event. Indeed, after the destruction of the biblical ethics by the Sodom-defenders, a profession of semi-Arianism, and the worship of idols, all in a context filled with financial scandals of all sorts and the promotion of the sexual predation of minors and adults, there is nothing left to demolish.

When compared to the current Second Pornocracy, 1968 looks like a Thomist conference…

Let us redouble our prayers to the fiery Archangel Saint Michael so that the justice of God may speak through him. Let us beg the mercy of God for the millions of souls drowing in the mud of this “Amazon”.

But never forget: Christ is King! He is victorious! He will slay His enemies with the breath of His mouth. We need to stay with Him, and on His side.

¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Bravo! Pachamama Idols Desecrating Church are Hurled into the Tiber

Well, it seems there are at least two Catholics remaining in Rome. As Ann Barnhardt relates, two brave souls stood up for Christ and His Holy Mother by removing from the Church of Santa Maria Transpontina the demon idols Bergoglio allows to define his pagan synod, and chucked the into the river.

As Cardinal Dolan might say to a violator of the natural law, I say, Good on them.

Yes, We Need to Know if the Pope Believes in the Divinity of Christ. But First, We Need to Know if the Pope Was the Guy Who Spoke to Scalfari.

Posted at Rorate Caeli, Roberto de Mattei rightly and with appropriate indignation demands from the man called Francis a public profession of faith.

We have reached the point of having to ask the Pope for a public profession of the Catholic Faith. May he do it clearly with no duplicity.

We need to know with absolute certainty whether the Pope believes or  not that Jesus Christ is True God and True Man. 

But of course, the Vatican heresy machine will continue to foul the waters of faith until the very serious and unexplained doubts about the validity of Pope Benedict’s putative abdication are investigated and publicly resolved by Churchmen of credibility, few though the number may be.

Is Benedict still pope– that is the primary question that must be answered. Once done, we will know precisely how to deal with the monster squatting on the throne of Peter.