… to the oft-repeated question heard re: the Cardinal Glennon Hospital situation, “Why did the Archbishop wait until now to ‘make an issue’ out of this?” is given in today’s Post-Dispatch.

Archbishop Burke sent a letter to Douglas Ries, Chairman of the foundation board, on March 8, 2007, outlining his concerns over the decision to bring Sheryl Crow to town for the fundraiser.

That was seven weeks ago. And that is just the first written document to prove the Archbishop’s concerns–it doesn’t speak to any personal or telephonic communications he may have had. The Board had at least seven weeks to respond.

In the Post story today, Archdiocesan spokeswoman Anne Steffens said that as soon as he was made aware of Crow’s Amendment 2 ad that aired on television across the state last fall, he contacted the hospital leadership.

From the Post: For seven weeks, Burke urged his fellow board members to drop Crow from the event, to be held Saturday night. “He was really hoping the board would do something,” Steffens said.

(…) [His Grace] described Crow’s planned appearance as “an affront to the identity and mission of the medical center, dedicated as it is to the service of life and Christ’s healing mission.”


In related news, Allen Allred, one of the co-founders of the event and a member of the board’s executive committee, was quoted concerning his disinclination to apply any “ideological litmus test” to stars performing at the fundraiser, “If they want to help kids, I can find a common cause with them to help kids.”

I suppose then we can make a list of other celebrities for future events for the board’s approval, as long as they “want to help kids”:

Michael Jackson

David Duke

Michael J. Fox
Hillary Clinton

bin Laden
Rudy Giuliani
Louis Farrakhan
Patricia Ireland
Hugh Hefner
Larry Flynt

… well, you get the idea.