The day after the Sheryl Crow-headlined fundraiser, from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Hospital fundraiser opens on a light note
By Matthew Hathaway

Archbishop Raymond Burke made it to the Fox Theatre Saturday — but only as a punch line. When Bob Costas, the evening’s host, walked onto the stage he scanned the crowd, gazing into the back rows of the upper balcony before breaking the prolonged silence.”All right,” Costas quipped. “I guess the archbishop is not showing up.”Last week, Burke resigned from the board of the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center Foundation because Crow — a vocal supporter of embryonic stem cell research — was scheduled to headline the annual fundraiser and concert.

“Sheryl Crow made it clear that she is coming here for three reasons,” Costas told the crowd. The singer wanted to help children, put on a good show and, Costas said, “get me ex-communicated.”Later, comedian Billy Crystal, making another appearance at the annual event, joined the act. “I respect his right to choose,” Crystal said of Burke. “His right to choose not to be here.”After a round of applause, Crystal added: “After all, charity begins at home — because that’s where he is.”

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I wonder if they will find their actions so amusing on judgement day.