Rudy Giuliani will be in St. Louis on Friday, STLToday reports, as part of his presidential campaign.

Why does Rudy think he’ll do well in Missouri? Because of his law and order record. No doubt his record in that area is impressive, but can it cover for his aggressively pro-abortion, pro-cloning stances?

This is a candidate for the Republican nomination who has supported Planned Parenthood, the “right” to kill unborn babies and the government funding of scientific research that clones and kills the unborn.

Hey, Rudy, how do you think that will play in St. Louis, where between one-fourth to one-third of voters are Catholic?
From the story:
Giuliani demurred when asked about his Catholic faith and whether it could help him in Missouri, where at least a quarter of the voters — and more in the St. Louis area — are believed to be Catholic.

“I’m not comfortable with the idea” of using one’s religion, race or gender to appeal to voters, Giuliani said.

You don’t say. I think we figured that out a while ago.