My family and I traveled to Italy in 2003. Among the many wonderful holy sites we visited, we were blessed to have the opportunity to see the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padova (Padua). St. Anthony’s tomb is located in the nave of the church, surrounded by hundreds and thousands of plaques, cards, candles and other signs of gratitude to this great saint for graces received through his intercession.

This powerful intercessor is too often ignored by Catholics today.

So today, instead of just seeking help finding lost articles (a laudable thing, no doubt), let’s implore St. Anthony’s help with the great needs of our lives, and of our Church.

I myself will ask him to bless the deacons to be ordained this Friday at the Cathedral, and to please do something about the restoration of the traditional Mass.

V. Sancte Antoni.

R. Ora pro nobis.