Great News! The Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest has made available on DVD the majestic ordination Mass in the traditional rite. This Mass was celebrated by His Grace, Raymond L. Burke, Archbishop of St. Louis on June 15, 2007, at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.

From the Institute’s Press Release:

“…After more than forty years, young men were again ordained through that ancient liturgy whose history can be traced to over 1,500 years. Before a congregation of 1,200, two deacons of the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest received that day from the hands of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke the orders of holy priesthood.


[ICRSP seminarians and clergy] provided an exquisitely refined rendition of Gregorian chant, expertly sung in the style of the monks of Solemnes.


In the pews the congregation gathered from all parts of the country, from Arizona and California to New York and Florida– young families with many children being particularly prominent.

The four-hour duration of the entrancingly beautiful ceremony was hardly perceived by those in attendance, transported, as they felt, into the ‘timelessness of Heaven’. Videos of the ceremony can be ordered at, or by calling 773-363-7409.”

They are right about the four hours not being a problem. It was a stunningly beautiful Mass in all respects. And as a final incentive, the Institute has published many more images of day’s events here.