This is really good news. I admit to being worried in the last conclave that certain cardinals who might scrape a bare majority, but not a 2/3 super-majority, might have just waited out the conclave and given us someone less able than our Holy Father. Of course, the Holy Ghost is to be trusted, as I learned. But, in any event, the Motu Proprio just released by the Holy Father restores the tradition. From Fr. Z:

Pope Benedict XVI desires that the manner of electing a Pope in a conclave will return to an earlier form. John Paul II had changed the legislation to permit “simple election”. Under the legislation of Pope John Paul II, if there were a certain number of ballots, which required a 2/3 majority for an election, that did not in fact produce an election, it was then possible to pass to an election by a simple majority. Benedict XVI has abolished this and returned to the earlier form. Now it will require 2/3 majority of electors no matter how many ballots it takes.

So, if the Cardinals become deadlocked and cannot get an election, they are to have a day of prayer and dialogue. After that, the two Cardinals at the top of the last balloting may not vote but the number required for a valid election will continue to be 2/3 majority rather than the simple majority established by John Paul II in 1996.

Now that the printer knows how to type-set “Motu Proprio“, can we expect another one?
Full text of the Motu, in Latin, here.