In what must be the perfect storm of ironic legislation, the Democrats in the senate have attached the free-speech-killing, religion-infringing, so-called “hate crimes” bill to the military funding legislation that President Bush wants to continue the funding of the troops in Iraq. The real aim of the “hate crimes” bill is to criminalize any criticism of sodomy, even on religious or other moral grounds. It is designed to chill opposition to the homosexual agenda; all who oppose it will be sued or jailed.

This way, the President may be forced to further eviscerate the Constitution in order to get his way in foreign policy. If he rejects the bill, the Democrats can crow that they did all they could to fund the military, but that the President’s bigotry and sexism were more important to him than providing for our troops.

The political pressure to acquiesce will be huge. I doubt that any mainstream media pundit will note the irony of the fact that our society’s growing support for sodomy, pornography and other forms of decadence might be one of the reasons we face a determined, agitated Muslim enemy at all.

The House passed its version of the bill in May; the President has said before he will veto it. Pray for him. Pray for us all.

It is interesting to note that if he signs this bill, this post itself could be problematic. To prevent any difficulties, I suppose I should issue the disclaimer that I do not mean to belittle, intimidate or incite violence against anyone, regardless of their “sexual preference”.