Schools can’t be held accountable for threats to your children’s safety.

Schools can’t be held accountable for undermining your religious and moral values.

Schools can’t be held accountable for failing to impart academic knowledge.

BUT, they can cause you trouble if you decide not to send your children there anymore:


Mom accused of neglect for teaching own kids
Describes litany of harassment, intimidation at public district

Posted: October 16, 20071:00 a.m. Eastern
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A Missouri public school is pursuing a complaint against a mother for withdrawing her son and daughter from the school and teaching them at home, after an apparent threat to the daughter’s life at the school.

The case involves Moberly, Mo., mother Anita Nicoli, who withdrew her daughter and a son from Moberly Middle School recently after what she has described as a two-year campaign of intimidation by other students.

The breaking point came when another student, who allegedly had harassed and assaulted her daughter, drew a picture of herself holding a gun and pointing it directly at Nicoli’s daughter. The picture was passed around among students, she said.

But she now has been cited in a complaint filed by the school after she withdrew two of her children.

Multiple telephone messages left with officials at the school district were not returned. But Nicoli told WND that she is accused of “educational neglect” by social services, based on a complaint from the school.

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