Not much, I suppose, except they will be featured in separate events at Pauline Books and Media in Crestwood.

Thanks to my favorite reader for passing along the following:

The Daughters of St. Paul will host two events this month at Pauline Books and Media, 9802 Watson Road in Crestwood.

Father Thomas Keller will discuss “Return to the Latin Mass” as part of the Pauline Lecture Series at 7 pm Wednesday, November 14.

The Faith and Film Night will be 6:30-9:30 pm Friday, November 16, and will feature “Spiderman II”, followed by discussion and refreshments.

I’m glad to hear about the first event, but completely baffled by the second! Maybe you can make some sense of it.

I’ll try. The Traditional Mass is like Spiderman— cool, saves the world, neat costumes. Spiderman battles Dr. Octopus, the many-tentacled monster of liturgical abuse, whose nefarious reach extends to clown masses, self-communion, women’s pretend priests, etc.

Sorry, best I can do. I would highly recommend Fr. Keller’s lecture on Wednesday.