On the multimedia page of STLToday, there is a photo of a Catholic Priest conducting a Kwanzaa ceremony on the altar of a Catholic Church. Thanks to Catholic Church Conservation for capturing the above image.

The caption reads as follows: The Rev. George Kintiba, pastor of St. Nicholas Catholic Church performs a ceremony lighting of [sic] the candle marking the first of seven days of Kwanzaa Wednesday at the Church’s altar. The first candle represents the first day’s principle of Umoja, meaning unity. St. Nicholas will have nightly celebrations of Kwanzaa for all seven days.
The link at STLToday is here, and it is listed as photo 1, but I don’t know how soon this page will be revised. You can pause the sideshow for easier viewing.

It is simply unthinkable, whatever one’s opinion about the legitimacy of Kwanzaa as a holiday, that a Catholic priest would deign to perform a non-Catholic ceremonial on a Catholic altar. This outrage is compounded by the fact that Kwanzaa has certain spiritual elements attached to it. Notice that St. Nicholas will have celebrations of Kwanzaa all seven nights. St. Nicholas?! The patron saint of this church must be most displeased with the irony.

Thanks to the reader who passed this along.