The folks at St. Stanislaus Kostka (formerly) Catholic Church ran an ad in Saturday’s Post-Dispatch, with the request that readers “share the word”.  I am happy to comply with this request.  However, because there appear to be several mistakes in the text, innocently made, no doubt, that somehow eluded the eye of the ad editor, I have taken the liberty of making the necessary corrections and providing additional comment.  In this way I hope to ensure that the word is accurately shared.  Here it is, with my comments in green:

Share the Word

St. Stanislaus Kostka Lives (The Saint, yes.  The parish, not so much)

It has been over three years since St. Stanislaus Kostka has been targeted to relinquish all property and funds to the Arch diocese of St. Louis.  Or in other words, to comply with Church law and be treated like other parishes, and to remedy the violation of its own bylaws that occurred when the Board wrongfully removed the Archbishop from the Board.  This action is (sic) direct conflict of the parish’s 126 year history and Canon law license.  Huh?

During these three years we, the parishioners and our friends have been villified for not signing over the property.  Actually, they have done all of the following things to merit public censure:  defy Church law as to the proper administration of a Catholic parish; treat their Archbishop with contempt during a pastoral visit to the Church; incur interdict and excommunication for their violation of canon law; knowingly hire a priest whose faculties have been suspended and who has acknowledged publicly to have broken his solemn vow of obedience to his Diocesan Bishop; knowingly retain in its employ that same priest who 1) has incurred excommunication latae sententiae, 2) has participated in the attempted ordination of two women, causing grave scandal, 3) has publicly supported teachings contrary to the truths of the Catholic faith, 4) has performed invalid sacraments thus endangering the welfare of souls due to lack of necessary jurisdiction, 5) has not hesitated to spread the basest calumnies about the Archbishop in every press organ in which he can arrange an interview, and 6) has aided and abetted schism.  Other than that, yes, it’s only about the property.  The actions, insults and innuendos against us are being taken in the name of religion however, the conflict is about real estate ownership, but religion is the weapon of choice.  I know the name of the religion with which they are at odds.  What I can’t put my finger on is the name of their religion.

Our pastor is now being targeted for the canonical process to remove his religious authority. He lost his religious authority long ago.  Now he may face laicization, which would make it harder for him to mislead other Catholics.  Father Bozek has been informed however that if he would just apologize for providing our parishioners religious guidance and leave St. Stanislaus, all will be forgiven.  Right.  I can picture the conversation with the Archbishop:  “Fr. Bozek, I am concerned that your parishioners are getting too much religious guidance.  Tell you what– if you apologize to me for that, and leave the rectory over there, all will be forgiven.”

This attack (not) against our good (not) parish (not) in the name of religion continues to embarrass the arch diocese, and unfortunately the Roman Catholic religion.  The religion is not embarrassed, but St. Stan’s should be.  Rather than focus on rebuilding the faith in St. Louis, archdiocese churches continue to be closed, and assaults against good people continue.  Absolutely breathtaking.  You want an example of an assault on good people?  Compare the St. Stan’s whine-fest with what happened at Kirkwood City Hall a few weeks back.  This kind of victim rhetoric by an excommunicated Board and Priest is an assault on the readers’ intelligence.

Still, against this tirade, St. Stanislaus continues to grow our religion (?) in the community.  Ah yes, we always hear from these people how much they are growing.  Really?  Why does every news story show a Mass– on Christmas, at that– from 2005 in order to show a full church.  No new footage?  Even the puff piece in NCR this week counted 312 people at Sunday’s Mass.  IF that was accurate.  And how many of the original Polish parishioners are left in this den of schism?  If you desire to visit a parish in harmony with the Lord, all striving for the same goal, and a moving religious celebration, please come visit us, so you can see what to avoid.  Ours is not a church of exclusion, but of inclusion.  Enter through the narrow gate…  After all, aren’t we all God’s children?  Yes, indeed.  Now, will you serve Him?