From today’s STLToday:

Teacher charged in topless e-mail case
By Joel Currier

ST. CHARLES COUNTY — A teacher at Barat Academy in Dardenne Prairie e-mailed two topless photos of herself to one of her students, prosecutors said.

[This teacher] was charged Tuesday in St. Charles County Circuit Court with furnishing pornographic material to a minor, a misdemeanor. Authorities say [she] e-mailed the topless photos in November. She no longer works at the school.


Now, of course, this is a very sad event, and these things can happen in any institution. However, in light of the controversy over the proposed theology curriculum last year, it is fair to ask why some students saw fit to post a profile that challenges the dismissal of the teacher. Again, from the full story above:


A profile called “School Isn’t the Same Without [the teacher]” features comments from some of [her] supporters protesting the teacher’s departure from the school.”We want her back at Barat Academy,” the profile says. “Nothing’s the same without her. … Our administration turned into meanies.”


Never mind the moral theology formation “exhbited” in the above quote. What about the lack of logical and rhetorical skills?