As my brother would say.  Right to business, from the Town Talk section in the Suburban Journals (as always, grammar and spelling as in the original):

Another excommunication?

I JUST SEEN in the news where this priest from Wheaton, Ill., was just released from prison for having sex with this little boy and he still is a priest.  He was at DePaul Hospital, but from a different diocese.  Is Burke going to excommunicate him like he did with Father Bozek?  Bozek is from a different diocese.  He can’t have it both ways, Burke.


I don’t think that is why he was released from prison… 
Also, I have it on good information that Archbishop Burke was going to excommunicate this guy, but was discouraged by Bozek’s statement that he himself would be a priest to his dying day.  I guess excommunication just doesn’t work.  He can’t have it both ways, this Town Talk guy.
Taxing kids

WHAT IS THE cause of all the crazy weather we’ve having?  Global warming and what is the cause of global warming?  Over-population, yet the government doesn’t do anything about that.  One thing they could do is stop rewarding people for having kids by a tax deduction and then eventually tax people who have more than two kids. We have to do something before it’s too late.


I, for one, am grateful that Al Gore took the time to call our local paper to give his valuable opinion.  On behalf of my wife and eight children, I would like to invite the Vice President to dinner at my mansion, made possible by the largesse of the federal government.