First, former advisor to the Board of St. Stan’s, Roger Krasnicki, urged the Board to oust Fr. Bozek.  Now, Ed Florek, a former Member of the Board of Directors, is urging the Board to seek a new dialogue with Archbishop Burke.

The price of schism is high, and some are wisely reconsidering the worth of paying it.  I for one am gladdened by any movement towards reconciliation with the Church and submission to proper ecclesiastical authority, even if the step is a small one.  A return of this lost sheep would cause more rejoicing than 99 who do not stray, to quote our Lord.

Many thanks to the reader who drew my attention to this news item.

The language of the letter to the Board, and the open letter to the parish, merit some attention and interpretation  the letters are at the link above, but below is a summary:

Open letter to parish:

–On April 10, 2008, Florek states that his (and one other parishioner’s) suggestion that the Board begin a new dialogue with Archbishop Burke was agreed to by Fr. Bozek.  Bozek insisted, however, that the congregation give the Board a mandate to do so first.  He cited to fact that the former parish had given a mandate to the Board to hire a Catholic priest after the Archdiocesan priest was removed.

Florek points out that after Bozek made public his new “vision” for the Church in the wake of his being caught in flagrante delicto at the women’s pretend ordinations, he has shown that he has departed from the Catholic religion.  Hence the laicization process underway.  In light of this, Florek very logically concludes that the mandate the former parish gave the Board to hire a Catholic priest remains unfulfilled.  

–Hence, Florek argues, the Board needs no further mandate to attempt to reconcile with the Archbishop and secure the services of a Catholic priest who is actually a believing and practicing Catholic.  It should be obvious at this point, in my opinion, that the only reason Bozek insists on a new mandate to seek dialogue with the Archbishop is that the former parish is stacked with his new wacky friends– he can count on them to back him.

Florek also rightly points out that Bozek didn’t ask the former parish for a mandate before laying hands on Elsie and Rose, nor did he before issuing his manifesto.

–Two of Florek’s suggestions for the letter of approach to Archbishop Burke are that the letter not contain any conditions, and that it be “humble”.  Well stated.  “The only lasting peace for our parish will come through dialogue with Archbishop Burke.  St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish was built as a Roman Catholic Church, and should remain a Roman Catholic Church true to our forefathers.”

Open Letter to the Board of Directors:

Florek states that as of February 21, 2008, even canon lawyer Fr. Doyle was in favor of a meeting to see “what’s behind” the open door offered by Archbishop Burke.  (I wonder if he still feels that way, btw).

Florek urges the Board to remember that this isn’t about money or property (!):  “That is history… now people have on their mind: the new direction of the parish, the separation from Rome, and the new religion.”  He states a lot of people are confused with “the new religion”.  No clarification on whether this means there is something imminent in the works to join a new religion, or merely that Bozek’s teachings constitute a de facto new religion.  I tend to think it is the former, but am not sure.

In big news, Florek claims to have met twice with Monsignor Gardin, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, most recently on April 7, 2008, and that Monsignor Gardin offered to serve as intermediary between the Board and the Archbishop.

Rozanski.  Florek.  These are long-time members of St. Stan’s, who (at least in the former parish used to) wield influence.  They were involved, most unfortunately, in the creation of the current mess.  They both have been sensible enough to see some of the problems caused by this.  The facade of faux unity at St. Stan’s is showing its cracks.

Prayer works, and praying for a just resolution of this debacle is worth the effort.  Even the people of St. Stan’s are aware of the radical break from Catholicism that Bozek and his friends espouse.   Pray, pray for St. Stan’s Board to seek a real reconciliation with the Church.

All of this is the necessary consequence of the probable laicization of Bozek.  If the former parish keeps a laicized person as its leader, it can’t really claim to be Catholic. He will be ousted or the church will affiliate with another religion.  To do nothing will expose the falsity of their claim to still be a Catholic parish.

Can you imagine the media consternation should the Board call a press conference and announce they would obey the Archbishop, and the Archbishop announcing the lifting of the suppression decree?  Even if souls weren’t at stake, that alone would make it a worthwhile prayer intention.

Our Lady of Czestochowa, pray for us.
St. Stanislaus Kostka, pray for us.  
St. Louis, pray for us.
St. Vincent de Paul, pray for us.
St. Rose Philippine Duschene, pray for us.