This wonderful news is announced, providentially, in an article from CNA released on this feast of St. George, the Patron Saint of England. This famous convert led the Oxford movement in England in the nineteenth century, and continues to influence many through his writings.

On a personal level, I am really very happy about this news. A couple of years ago, my then-pregnant wife and I prayed to him when our youngest child had certain prenatal indications of problems. I had heard that the postulator of Cardinal Newman’s cause was looking for evidence of miracles obtained through his intercession. I don’t know how else to say it except that we prayed for miraculous healing. And the baby was born healthy.

We tried to contact the postulator’s office out of a sense of obligation, but we never heard back. I wouldn’t presume either to conclude, or to deny, that it was Venerable Cardinal Newman’s intercession that did the job. But I know he prayed for us, and I am grateful.

I feel for those Christians who do not believe in the incredible solace of the Communion of Saints.