The oh-so-coy, limelight-avoiding, excommunicate Bozek admits, after grueling questioning no doubt, that the once- Catholic turned Moonie Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo is one of the “more than 2, less than 10” Bishops with whom he is seeking affiliation. I don’t know how well Bozek would hold up at Guantanamo, but there it is.

More than 2, less than 10. I suppose he means “fewer” than 10, but no matter.

And who is Milingo? Here is how Tim Townsend describes him in today’s STLToday article:

Milingo is a former Zambian archbishop who was excommunicated in 2006 after consecrating married priests as bishops. In 2002, Milingo married a Korean acupuncturist, chosen for him by Moon, in a mass wedding run by Moon’s Unification Church.

I have to admit, if Bozek believes that affiliating with a Moonie excommunicate with severe mental issues will give him credibility, that says something about Bozek, doesn’t it?

Bozek said he also has talked to retired diocesan bishops in good standing with the church, and to bishops in several so-called Old Catholic churches including the Polish National Catholic Church, the American Catholic Church and the Ecumenical Catholic Church.

“I intend to lead St. Stanislaus and continue to be the pastor of this parish even if I’m laicized by the Roman Catholic church,” Bozek said.

Continue to lead them to hell– come hell or high water.

And finally, the Profiles in Courage Award this week goes to Bozek’s lackey Chairman of the Board, William Bialczak, who had this to say:

William Bialczak, chairman of the St. Stanislaus board, said Wednesday that he believed “the majority” of St. Stanislaus parishioners would remain at the church even if Bozek placed them under the authority of a bishop like Milingo.”That would be OK for most of us,” he said. “There’s only one God we all pray to.”