In three separate documents, which have been formatted in such a way that I am unable to post them in the blogger window, the folks at St. Cronan Parish have issued statements about Sr. Lears‘ interdict penalty:

All of them focus on the lack of loving dialogue, but don’t address–either positively or negatively– the issue of support for, and counseling others to, pretend women’s ordination in contradiction of infallible Church teaching.
Read them for yourself, but really, it is like asking the Judge in a robbery case to engage in dialogue with the defendant instead of finding facts and sentencing him– after he admits he committed the robbery but doesn’t think robbery is wrong.
If anyone at St. Cronan wants to send me these documents in an email, I will copy and paste them here.
The Archbishop’s departure has dwarfed this story– but it is instructive to show why the Archbishop was so well thought of by those who adhere to Church teaching.  Whenever a person stands up for the truth in these times, they will be opposed and attacked.  The good Archbishop stood for the truth in spite of the hatred of the world.