An interesting take from John Allen at NCR on why he does not believe that the Archbishop’s promotion was a “promuovere per remuovere” hit job. Allen is the most objective of NCR’s staff, and yet coming from that publication, it should help put to rest the oust-Burke-glee-club’s current line of attack.

More on Burke’s move to Vatican court

by John L. Allen, Jr.
Since news of St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke’s appointment as prefect of the Apostolic Signatura was announced June 27, I’ve received numerous telephone calls and e-mails, from both sides of the Atlantic, posing some version of the following question: Was this a case of what the Italians call promuovere per rimuovere … promoting someone in order to get rid of him?

It’s a reasonable question, given Burke’s profile as a lightning rod in St. Louis. Not only is he the American bishop most identified with the push to deny Communion to pro-choice Catholic politicians, but he also engaged in very public spats involving rock star Sheryl Crow and basketball coach Rick Majerus. Basically his last act as archbishop was to issue canonical penalties for Sister of Charity Louise Lears for her support of women’s ordination. While most of Burke’s fellow bishops, and certainly the Vatican, would share the substance of his positions, not everyone applauds his pugnacious way of advancing them.
So, was this a face-saving way of easing Burke out?

…my hunch is that this is not a case of promuovere per rimuovere, but what one might call “promotion for multiple motives.”


Allen goes on to discuss the reasons why he reaches this conclusion. A worthy read. Thanks to the reader in the comboxes for the tip.