The above headline is, I suppose, a “Dog bites man” affair.  But I had to post a story from the South Side Journal wherein 52-year old web designer Laura York admonishes me to “Go forth and be responsible.”

Laura thinks it would be great if we…

Treated animals as we would treat ourselves.

Please. Consider vegetarianism. Adopt an animal needing a home. Contribute to animal charities.

…Opened the windows.

 I believe that if we in St. Louis opened our windows at home from around May through September we would only need to use air conditioning about two weeks of that period.

...Only had enough children to replace ourselves, or fewer.

A zero percent or negative population growth rate world-wide would do more to address the ills of this planet than any of the tips given above. Not to mention humanity’s ills of poverty and famine.

Go forth and be responsible.


Gee, thanks Laura!  I know where you can find a link to an idea just your speed– EcoSpirituality.

Update:  A friend emailed me this very story just as I was posting the above, and also included the helpful musings of another environmental socialist, one “D. Weiner” (I assume pronounced “Whiner”) from the back-to-basics publication, the Ladue News.  This one is good, too.  Enjoy!