Anyone who spends much time surfing traditional Catholic blogs and websites will have come across the poetry of Hilary McRee Flanery, better known by her less-humiliating-than-mine pseudonym of Long-Skirts.

She posted two poems recently in the comboxes that I enjoyed very much. So, since she has seen fit to throw them out into the ether, I will post them here. Both were posted in response to the “helpful socialists” post.

Laura from the Journal said:

“…Only had enough children to replace ourselves, or fewer.”


You can have a BIG house.
You can have a BIG car.
You can even have a great,
BIG, unjust war.

You can have a BIG dog.
You can have a BIG check.
You can even have a party
On a great BIG deck.

You can have a BIG trip.
You can have a BIG debt.
But there’s one big BIG
That they hate, you bet!

A great BIG family
Full of great BIG hearts,
They’re a silent rebuke
To the little BIG f*rts!




Save the planet.
Save the whale.
Save the cans
Don’t inhale.

Save the changes.
Save your screen.
Blend the genders
Pukish green.

Save the documents
Save the file.
Save yourself
For fashion, style.

Save the animals,
Fur and skin
But save your soul…
Now that’s a SIN!