Robert Schutzius.

Lester Himstedt.

Who are these men, you ask?

They are listed as “Assisting Priests” in the St. Stanislaus Kostka bulletin. But who are they?

I have not been able to find out a lot about Lester Himstedt, but Robert Schutzius is another matter entirely.

The Women for Faith and Family site described Schutzius as follows in 2002:

Robert Schutzius, an ex-priest and a founder of the radical dissident group Association for Rights of Catholics in the Church (ARCC), been pushing a radical agenda for “restructuring” the Catholic Church for 30 years.

ARCC’s June 17 statement on the Dallas bishops’ meeting published on its web site states its concern that the bishops’ charter “[reduces] all sexual abuse to the same level. This kind of draconian implementation violated the basic Christian principle of forgiveness and will result in harm to good men who have sinned and reformed”.

“We are concerned by the lack of debate concerning the annulment of ordination. We are concerned at the relatively minimal involvement of lay people in bodies called to establish policies and effect structural changes. These bodies must be independent of all hierarchical ties and have real authority.” (emphasis added).

ARCC also proposes an 8-page “Constitution of the Catholic Church” on its web site ( Extremely ambitious and sweeping in its objectives for “radical equality” in the Church, the 1994 “Constitution” proposes that the pope be elected for “a single ten-year term by Delegates … chosen as representatively as possible, one third being bishops”.

The “Charter of the Rights of Catholic in the Church”, endorsed by a spectrum of dissenting groups, is also published on the ARCC web. Among the endorsing groups are Call to Action (CTA), homosexual advocacy groups Dignity-USA, and New Ways Ministry, the Women’s Ordination Conference, and CORPUS, a national association for married priesthood.

Schutzius is listed as a Board Member and Secretary for ARCC for 2007-08. He is pictured above, at the far left, seated next to Canon lawyer Thomas Doyle, also a listed Board Member. Doyle, who was found guilty of canonical delicts by Archbishop Burke in a Decree earlier this year, represented certain St. Stanislaus Board members in their unsuccessful excommunication case.

One big happy family at St. Stan’s.

The threatened Board election is scheduled for August 10, 2008. Let’s pray that the former Board members and the Archdiocese are successful in obtaining an injunction.