The following was published from the Bishop’s office today, in his weekly memo to the faithful.  It confirms the ICRSP apostolate in Tucson, and gives more particulars.

1. Rector Assigned for St. Gianna Latin Mass Community — I am very pleased to announce that the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest has accepted my invitation to provide ministry to the St. Gianna Latin Mass Community in Tucson.

Yesterday, Msgr. Michael Schmitz, Vicar General of the Institute and its Provincial Superior for the U.S., joined me at Holy Family Church in Tucson for Mass and for the announcement that Father Richard von Menshengen has been assigned to serve the Community as its rector. Father von Menshengen, who will begin his ministry at St. Gianna next month, recently has served as the Institute’s Provincial Superior for German Speaking Countries. He will establish an office for the Community at Holy Family Parish. With Father von Menshengen’s assignment, the St. Gianna Latin Mass Community becomes the Institute’s thirteenth apostolate in the U.S.

As the Institute takes responsibility for the pastoral care of the Community, Msgr. Schmitz and Eduardo Huerta, our Chancellor, will formulate statutes for the Community as an oratory (a place of prayer other than a parish that is set aside by ecclesiastical authority for prayer and celebration of the Mass) located at Holy Family Parish.

I established St. Gianna as an informal association in 2006 and named Father Richard Rego its first chaplain. Father Richard provided dedicated service to the Community until his untimely death in July of last year.

I thank Father David Reinders, Catholic Chaplain at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Tucson, for his dedicated ministry this past year as the Community’s chaplain. Father David will continue to be involved with the Community. I am grateful, too, to Father Robert Rankin, who has helped recently to serve the Community. He will resume his fulltime responsibilities as pastor of St. Melany Parish.

I am grateful to Father Alonzo Garcia, pastor, and the community of Holy Family Parish for their hospitality to the St. Gianna Latin Mass Community.

More about the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest: Msgr. Gilles Wach and Father Philippe Mora founded the Institute in 1990 in Gabon, Africa. The motherhouse and international seminary of the Institute are located in Gricigliano, in the Archdiocese of Florence, Italy.

The mission of the Institute, according to its Web site, “is to spread the reign of Christ in all spheres of human life by drawing from the millennial treasury of the Roman Catholic Church, particularly her liturgical tradition, the unbroken line of spiritual thought and practice of her saints and her cultural patrimony in music, art and architecture.”

The Institute’s headquarters in the U.S. are in Chicago at the Shrine of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.

Thanks to the reader for the tip.