The St. Cronan website is back up and running. It has a less ambitious graphic scheme, but is still a worthy aesthetic effort. One of the items on the upcoming events section of the page is the Parish Assembly set for September 13. At this event, there will be “planning/envisioning” for the parish’s future.

To that end, there is a form seeking people’s visions for the parish, with an invitation to submit them in advance of the assembly. I am glad to accept the invitation, and offer sincerely my vision for St. Cronan:


At the Parish Assembly on September 13 2008, we will be developing a VISION STATEMENT for St. Cronan’s. We are interested in knowing YOUR VISION of St. Cronan’s future. What do you think St. Cronan’s should be like in the year 2020? If you were able to create a picture of a perfect world of the future in which St. Cronan’s would be thriving, what would it look like? Vision Statements are powerful depictions of dreams and aspirations. Martin Luther King told us, “I have a Dream..” and what followed was a vision that changed a nation.
Please share below YOUR DREAM, YOUR VISION FOR CRONAN’S. Be creative, aim very high, and use imagery that not only soars, but also describes your feelings and passion. Typically, a Vision Statement can be contained in one or two sentences, but it can be as long as you want. Print, fill-in and return this form either in the back of church, or at the church office no later than September 9th. Or copy this form, paste it into an e-mail message and send to You may sign your Vision Statement, or submit it anonymously. Thanks!!
The Parish Council

My Vision for St. Cronan’s Church

First and foremost, St. Cronan should be a Catholic parish dedicated absolutely to the salvation of the souls of its parishioners. This primary mission of the parish is intrinsically tied to a loving and faithful adherence to the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church and obedience to the lawful, Christ-given authority of the Holy Father and the Archbishop of Saint Louis.

The right of the faithful of St. Cronan Parish to receive the Catholic sacraments cannot be denied or impeded by any member of the parish or by any parish pastor. The Mass and the other sacraments must be celebrated according to the official rubrics of the Church without innovation or heterodoxy. Regular sacramental confession must be available in order to ensure that parishioners grow in holiness and worthily receive Holy Communion.

The praxis of the parish must reflect the belief of the parish, and both must be Catholic. The sacred liturgy is not the property of anyone’s private agenda– it is the public prayer of the Church. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass must be celebrated with reverence. The sermons and other teaching vehicles of the parish must present sound Catholic doctrine that leads souls to Heaven. There should be at least weekly adoration and benediction, holy hours, parish rosary, and other laudable devotions.

The parish should provide programs and ministries that support the above, that enable the parishioners to live the truth in charity. There should be catechism for children and adults, a strong pro-life committee, parish social events to build solidarity, and community outreach efforts designed to alleviate the material burdens of poverty while proclaiming the Catholic faith.

There should be a strong sense of community based upon truth.

In short, my vision for St. Cronan is that by the year 2020 any Catholic in the world would be able to walk into the Church and immediately know that it is Catholic. And not just Catholic, but a shining example of a vibrant Catholic parish. Because if the above steps are taken, it will be.

With the assurance of my prayers,

Saint Louis Catholic