I saw this story the other day, and wasn’t going to post on it. Mostly, it just seems like a freak show item, like paying 25 cents to see the Bearded Lady or the Snake with two Heads at the carnival.

Yet I had this story sent to me by a few readers, and I have succumbed.

I might have written a different headline than the one chosen, such as one of the following:

Fake Priestess Expects Real Baby *

*that is, if she wants it and decides to carry it to term; otherwise, it is merely a clump of cells over which she has full rights- how dare you pressure her into continuing a pregnancy! P.S. men are pigs.

Co-Leader of 90 (maybe)- member Congregation Seeks Publicity by Dressing Up as a Priest While Pregnant

Ecumenical Community Puts on “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” this Thursday

Well, enough fun with that. If you follow the link to the Kristin Hinman story that goes with the rather disturbing photograph, above, of pretend priestess Jessica Rowley, make sure you scan down to the comments box to read former Catholic priest Frank Krebs’ remarks insisting that his sect really, Really, REALLY IS Catholic. Really. They just don’t believe any of it.