Standing on line to vote today, a conversation among three people immediately behind me…

Husband and wife (in the yet still legal, traditional sense) see a young-middle aged man approaching them, and loudly and warmly greet him.  You know, “Hey, what are you doing back in town,” etc. They are informed, in a low voice, full of nervous, excited surreptitiousness, that he is working for the Great Obama.  Hee, hee, they all agree.

After each assures the others that each loves the Obama more than the other two, the Follower of the Great Obama proclaims he is going to the victory party in Chicago’s Grant Park.  I offer a silent prayer for his safety, and struggle to refrain from saying a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Then the married couple asks about his family, and their hope that everything works out. 

More low talking.  I hear one say, “I mean, I’m no fan of Burke, but…”  Then the man responds and talks about how the Board is really confident they will prevail.  

You see, this man’s parent is a member of the excommunicated St. Stan’s Board!

The non-irony of such a man supporting a proponent of the murder of innocent babies is, well, glaring.  My head begins to visibly swivel from side to side and a desperate smirk starts to form.  Regaining my focus, I begin to pray a rosary.

Then comes the coup de grace of triangulation– the wife tells the Obamintern worker that she is a teacher at a local Catholic school!

At this point, I have to credit my guardian angel for preventing me from blurting something out.  Thanks!  

Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it.  If the Great Obama takes this thing, look to your left and right in the pew on Sunday.  And pray God for mercy on us all.

But do not despair, go vote, do your duty, and, to borrow from Shakespeare in Henry V:

Now, voters, march away:
And how thou pleasest God, dispose the day!