Today is the Vigil of the Immaculate Conception, long a fixture on the traditional Roman calendar, absent from the 1962 Missal, and yet not-quite forgotten.  Today concluded the Novena to the Immaculate Conception at St. Francis de Sales Oratory as well.

Some readers may remember that I was hoping to post an article on the immemorial custom that women cover their heads during Mass.  Despite the opinions of some bloggers that veiling is no longer mandatory, this practice is in fact still binding under the force of law.  
I had written a lengthy article on the subject–too long for a blog, at thirteen pages.  I have been hoping to refine it in order to post the facts about the state of the law and to encourage the practice to again become the norm.
I may still post this at some point, but in the meantime I have asked a canonist to do his own research on the matter and to write his own piece on the subject.  That he has done, and tomorrow, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I intend to publish this important article on a holy practice of apostolic origin– a practice the Church still requires of her daughters today.


Tota Pulchra es, O Maria, tota pulchra es,  

Et macula non est in te

Quam speciosa, quam suavis in deliciis 

Conceptio illibata



Veni, veni de Libano, veni, veni de Libano, veni, veni, coronaberis


Tu progrederis ut aurora valde rutilans

Affers gaudia salutis

Per te ortus est Christus Deus, sol justitiae

O fulgida porta lucis.  Chorus 


Sicut lilium inter spinas: inter filias 

sic tu Virgo benedicta

Tuum refulget vestimentum ut nix candidum

Sicut sol facies tua.  Chorus 


In terra nostra, vox audita, vox dulcissima

Vox turturis, vox columbae

Assume pennas, O Columba formosissima

Surge, propera et veni.  Chorus