OK, I know that the story I am about to relate to you is anecdotal, and hearsay to boot.  But when I heard it, it gave me goosebumps.  A friend who is a reader of the blog related it to me.

A week ago I posted a story on the death of Jeremiah Brower Cross, the 8-year old boy who was born with microcephaly and cerebral palsy.  He had a functioning brain stem but was totally dependent upon his parents for care during his short life.  He was only expected to live for a few days, but defied the odds for eight years.  Not mentioned in the published reports was that he was a baptized Catholic.
A child who was in the hospital with Jeremiah was suffering from a cancerous tumor.  The child’s parents knew Jeremiah’s parents, and were expressing their sympathies to them while expressing their fears and worries about their own child.  Jeremiah’s mom told them that as Jeremiah was baptized, and could not have committed any personal sins, she was sure he was in Heaven.  She urged them to pray to Jeremiah for their child.
They did so.
You can imagine their joy when the doctor told them that their child’s tumor had mysteriously vanished.