We all know what a dud the much-hyped “calling in gay” protest was. And, like with so many politically-left symbolic protests, the world yawned and turned to the next news item. Not Al Franken’s continuing attempt to steal a Senate seat he lost twice already, mind you, but rather whether the shoe-icide bomber should be forgiven and released. He’s a hero, says the press.

Well, certainly we Catholics are able to mount a symbolic protest at least as futile as calling in “gay”. So, what say you?

On inauguration day, go to Mass. Pray the rosary. Protest at an abortion clinic. Spend a family day together. Have a party with some of your Catholic friends– adult beverages are OK for the adults, we’re Catholic, after all– pray for our country.

Then, the next day, go back to doing what we do in our state of life. Which is to say, keep doing the things that made our country great: productive work, family joys and sorrows, prayer and worship, friendship, love and holiness.

Who knows how much longer we will have these things? Let us not take them for granted.

Call in Catholic on January 20.

Or don’t– if too many people do, it won’t be a dud.