I am all for architectural preservation. In fact, as a traditional Catholic, it is sort of a requirement. But while some buildings are clearly worth preserving, others are…well, not so clearly deserving.

There is a protest planned for February 15, 2009 outside the San Luis apartment building on Lindell, across from the Cathedral. The Archdiocese, the owner of this property, has plans to tear down the building to provide additional parking for Rosati-Kain High School. Local architecture buffs are trying to get the Archdiocese to change its plan.

I don’t find this building beautiful, to say the least. Modern architecture of the style of the San Luis doesn’t move me. Tearing down the Cathedral to provide parking for the San Luis would be unthinkable. But I can’t get excited about the opposite proposition.

One man’s eyesore is another man’s art. What do readers think of this issue?