Some few bloggers take a break for Lent, but by and large, it is business as usual until Holy Week. By Holy Thursday, even the most deranged Catholic bloggers go under the radar. The mysteries we celebrate should, and do, put all of our efforts into proper perspective.

Easter Monday signals the restart of the Catholic news cycle. We in St. Louis continue to pray for a holy successor to Archbishop Burke. And we keep tabs on the ever-escalating battle between the Church and the devil.

With the world the way it is, and with so much personal experience with suffering, tedium, pride, and the effects of sin, it seems far easier to enter into the mystery of Christ’s passion and death than to really rejoice in His Resurrection. Do we really live as though we believe in His Resurrection? He has really conquered death. He lives. He reigns forever. How can anything discourage us now?

This blogger will try to emulate the disciples after they knew our Lord at Emmaus, and not fall prey to the would-have-been, could-have-been, should-have-been mindset of these disciples before the event. Knowing my capabilities, I hope this effort lasts at least two days.

If the Church is undergoing the passion of her Master, then we can be absolutely sure of her glorious resurrection and triumph, too.

Have a blessed, holy and fruitful Easter Week.