The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite was offered at St. Agnes Cathedral as usual at 3 PM yesterday. There was one notable difference, the Most Reverend Bishop James Vann Johnston was in attendance “in choro“. This tremendous occasion for the offering of the Extraordinary Form at the Cathedral was a great success that ended with a Q & A session after a talk given by His Excellency.

The choir debuted a number of selections for the occasion:

Entrance: Ecce Sacerdos Magnus

Offertory: Iste Confessor

Communion: Concordi Laetitia & Haec Dies

Recessional: Christus Vincit

At the reception that followed, His Excellency was presented with a work of the Holy Father and a 1962 Daily Missal. We pray that His Excellency will return and visit with us again soon.

Update: If half of those that have visited this story would pray that the time for the celebration of the Extraordinary Form change from its 3 PM time spot to a more prominent spot certainly there would be saints taking note! Please include this intention in your rosary!