From HSLDA comes an important announcement and call to action to defend the right to homeschooling in Missouri from some recently introduced legislation that may soon pass if homeschool supporters don’t make their voices heard:

Missouri–Emergency Rally Tomorrow, May 14 in Jefferson City–Urgent!

HSLDA Members and Friends,

We urgently need your attendance at a rally tomorrow on the steps of 
the Capitol in Jefferson City at 1 p.m. to stop an extremely serious 
threat that has emerged with literally no warning.  There is no time 
for phone calls or emails to be effective.  We need thousands of 
homeschoolers physically present tomorrow!

This dramatic threat would massively increase government control over 
homeschooling.  Every homeschooled child (except those in St. Louis 
City)–whether 16, 17, 18, 19, or 20–would be subject to compulsory 
school attendance until they could prove to the state’s satisfaction 
that they had completed “sixteen credits towards 
high school 

This would suddenly give the state power to control and define what a 
homeschool “credit” is.  It would immediately give the state power to 
control what is required for
homeschool graduation.  This would 
destroy liberty for
homeschoolers in Missouri on an unprecedented 
scale and cause unimaginable problems.


We need 5,000 homeschoolers tomorrow at 1 p.m. on the steps of the 
Capitol in Jefferson City to send a message: VOTE NO ON S.B. 291.  Car 
pool if possible to make parking easier for others.  Forward this to 


The legislature closes this Friday.  This bill could be voted on late 
Thursday or Friday. S.B. 291 posed no threat to homeschoolers until it 
was very recently amended to add the credit and graduation provision.  
Immediate action is required.  Families for Home Education (
FHE) joins 
HSLDA in calling for this rally.  Brad Haines of FHE will lead the 

This is our hour of need.  Can you set everything else aside for 
freedom and be ready in a minute, like the minutemen of old?

Thank you for standing with us for freedom!

Scott Woodruff