In the wonderful Robert Bolt stage and screen play of “A Man for All Seasons”, about the life and martyrdom of St. Thomas More, St. Thomas responds to the treachery of a former friend who perjures himself to secure the Saint’s conviction in exchange for a title of nobility:

“Why, Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for Wales?”

And now, in a disappointing but hardly surprising development in today’s culture of death, it appears, if the source can be trusted, that Mike Orlando has caved in to the demands of the zeitgeist and will cater any event, no matter how inimical the group’s beliefs or actions may be to his stated opinions.  From the wishfully-named Faith Aloud website:

Michael Orlando Changes His Mind!

Today Faith Aloud received the following e-mail from Michael Orlando (see previous posts to catch up on the story). Thanks to everyone who wrote to Mr. Orlando opposing his decision to deny us service based on our political and religious beliefs. 

Recently the Orlando family made a public statement that, due to our Pro Life beliefs we would no longer provide services to Planned Parenthood and Faith Aloud because their views did not agree with our family beliefs. Given the family dynamic of our business this decision was made from an emotional place without considering all of the consequences. We have since learned that this Pro Life stance has been considered by some to be an act of discrimination. That was never our intention. Orlando’s has never discriminated against anyone and has a reputation of generosity and fairness in our community. We would like continue supporting our community without discrimination to any organization regardless of their political or religious beliefs. We strongly believe in the values of diversity and equality that have made our country great. While we as a family uphold the values of our faith and will continue to be Pro Life, we will not inflict our beliefs on our customers. We will respectfully offer our catering and facilities to any organization that has an interest in using them despite our differences. We apologize to anyone we may have offended in our previous decision and look forward to serving our entire community equally.

Michael Orlando
General Manager
Orlando’s Catering and Event Design

Now, of course it is Mr. Orlando’s right to host whatever event he wants; for the time being, this is still technically America.  I just post this to close out the whole sorry chapter.  It is laughable to imagine this little tale as a vindication of the sacrifice of religion on the altar of personal convenience and concupiscence.  But, it just shows that very little pressure, properly and relentlessly applied, can prove sufficient to cause the proletariat to go back in line.  Bravo, Orlando Gardens.

Money talks, and suckers walk, as they say.  
Tolerance indeed rules the day.

More to the point, just how would Orlando Gardens be “inflicting” their beliefs on their customers if it refused to host an event?  Wouldn’t those persons not be customers?  And is there a Constitutional right to have access to Orlando Gardens?

Wow, I guess this doesn’t bode well for pharmacists who in conscience cannot distribute contraceptives or other abortifacients.  I suppose a pro-life doctor would be “inflicting” his beliefs on that unborn baby if he refused to perform an abortion?

And by not “considering all the consequences” before deciding, albeit temporarily, to deny service to pro-abortion groups, are they talking about moral consequences, or something else? 

Prudence bids me to end this post.  My prayers go out to the Orlando family.  There is one Guest whose Presence we all wish at our tables, and He is merciful to all who seek Him with a sincere heart.