Former sports-guy Kevin Horrigan reaches for the metaphorical stars today with an article exposing congressional hypocrisy in opposing judicial nominations.  At least, that is his intent.

Horrigan posits an extended metaphor where conservatives oppose the nomination of St. Francis of Assisi (by Obama, of course– no irony too rich) to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Horrigan can see at least one inch past his nose, and so has Chairman Leahy note he is not a lawyer or even a citizen of the U.S.  See!  He has anticipated every objection by the simple-minded troglodyte conservative reader (that would be me, and and the other one who still reads the Post).  Then he has one Republican after another criticize his “stances” on various issues.  I put quotation marks around the term stances because St. Francis is co-opted by political and religious leftists as a sort of patron saint for their political causes.  The Potemkin “Saint” Francis is a pro- cap-and-trade radical socialist-paganist environmental activist.  He jettisons the rule of law in favor of government handouts to political blocs.  He is an anti-Catholic Crusader, and a proponent of gay “marriage”.

Getting a handle on a Catholic Saint has never been a strong suit of the liberal press.  It seems that it is difficult to understand that a Saint of Christ’s Church would believe as His Church believes and would act as His Church urges.  The whole thing. 

But, I won’t pretend to be able to encapsulate St. Francis either.  Try G.K Chesterton if you want a good attempt.  The point is that Horrigan’s not-so-subtle attempt to compare Sonia Sotomayor to St. Francis of Assisi fails as horribly as you could imagine.

At the end of his piece, Horrigan again magnificently shields himself from criticism by the simple-minded, after St. Francis disappears, by bringing forward a “substitute” nominee– Mother Teresa (again, no irony here with the man appointing her).  In a one-line ending, Sen. Feinstein says, “About your opposition to abortion…”   So, you see, Horrigan is unbiased.

Right.  What was the score of the Cardinals game yesterday?