There is a blog calling itself the Local Catholic Reporter, which states its intent to be a resource for progressive Catholics in the St. Louis area. No, not ‘progressive’ in the sense of progress toward Heaven, but ‘progressive’, I guess, in the political sense. Progress toward anarchy, in other words.

Well, I visit this site from time to time in the interests of information gathering, but today I pulled it up and found the following gem. The title of the post itself piqued my interest. In the words of Renee Zellweger’s character in Jerry McGuire, “You had me at hello.”

The article is by the notorious Leonardo Boff— “theologian”. Yes, that’s him, above. If you guessed Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, pay up. No, really. It’s not Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers, either. At least, I don’t think it is.

Anyway, brother Boff reminds us that all that stuff we learned about Man being the summit of the created world is just so much, well, boff. Gaia is mad because we have waged war on her, man! Repent and believe in the carbon credit!

Excerpts from the full post–read as much as you can take here:

Love everybody… (and everything)
Reciprocity or Death
Leonardo Boff
Earthcharter Commission

When human beings decided to live together, they established an unwritten social contract, setting up norms, prohibitions and common purposes that allowed them to coexist with a modicum of peace. Later on, thinkers appeared, like Locke, Kant and Rousseau, giving the contract a formal status.

Those historic contracts have a common defect: they imply naked and acosmic individuals, who lack even a minimal link with nature or the Earth. The social contracts ignore and totally suppress the natural contract.


Previously, wars were waged to conquer regions and peoples. All Earth’s territory has been conquered, and what is going on now is a total war, one without mercy, against the Earth, her goods and services, exploiting them to the point of exhaustion. The Earth can no longer rest: she has no refuge nor space into which to withdraw.

This aggression is worldwide, and the reaction of the Earth – Gaia – is also worldwide. Her reply is a collection of various crises, together forming a devastating planetary warming. It is Gaia’s revenge.

There is no way out but to consciously and quickly reintroduce that which we had forgotten: a natural contract articulated with the social contract. We must overcome our arrogant anthropocentrism and put everything in its place, and ourselves as well, as a part of a whole.

What is a natural contract? It is the acknowledgement on the part of the human being that he is integrated into nature, from which he receives all, and the recognition that he must behave as a child of Mother Earth, giving her caring and protection in return, so that she may continue doing what she has always done: give us life and the means to live.


Either we reestablish the reciprocity between nature and human beings, and rearticulate the social contract with the natural contract, or we must accept the risk of being expelled and eliminated by Gaia. I trust that we will learn from our suffering and that we will use the good sense that we will still have.

Leonardo Boff


Thanks, Leo!