I publish this wonderfully sublime letter to the editor in today’s Post-Dispatch without further comment to spoil your enjoyment:

Mending the Differences

This nation is celebrating another birthday, but this one has a special meaning. For the first time in the history of the land of the free and the home of the brave, the United States has an African-American to guide her. For many, that’s a cause for celebration; for others, it’s a cause for concern.

When Barack Obama was elected president, he vowed that he would represent the interests of all Americans. I think he has.

But some people think that Mr. Obama is far too liberal. They feel so threatened that they take the constitutional right to bear arms literally. These individuals probably never have taken an honest look into Mr. Obama’s policies, but instead heavily rely on information from hate groups.

I have disagreed with some of what Mr. Obama has done while in office– not bringing the previous administration to trial on war crimes; not reviewing the “don’t ask-don’t tell” policy, which causes constant fear in our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in the military; and giving in to pressure from Democrats and Republicans regarding to responding to the Iranian elections. But my liberties are not threatened by Mr. Obama. He may do things differently than the men who went before him, but no one’s liberties are threatened.

This year, the nation’s birthday comes as we say goodbye to a gentleman who arguable [sic] was the greatest entertainer this nation has ever seen and who was America’s greatest ambassador during his time on Earth: Michael Joseph Jackson. Through Mr. Jackson’s music, nations came together to celebrate differences. Michael was a citizen of the world, and outside of America, he wasn’t seen as strange as he was here.

Happy birthday, America. This year, we should take time to make life better for those with whom we disagree.

–G__ B__