Greetings to all, during this Octave of the Nativity of Mary. I thought today I would write about a variety of things on my mind, in no particular order.

1. When will the practice of allowing Communion in the hand be ended? The danger of abuse of the Sacred Species is so great as to completely outweigh whatever nebulous pastoral good is argued in its favor. The Pope, of course, could simply legislate that the indult against the law requiring Communion on the tongue be ended. He has chosen another way in his wisdom, that of leading by example. In all Papal Masses, the Pope administers Communion on the tongue only. Unless physical issues prevent it, it is simply expected that the communicant will kneel and receive on the tongue. At least one bishop has also ended the deviation from liturgical law as well. May others follow suit as quickly as possible.

Most people, even many Catholics, are quick to discount the existence or downplay the real activity of the devil in the world. Yet many exorcists are on record as condemning the practice of communion in the hand because of the ease by which satanists are able to obtain Hosts for desecration in satanic rituals. When a Host, properly made, is placed on the tongue, It begins to disintegrate and will not long survive intact, even if someone secreted it from his mouth for such a purpose. It is not impossible to desecrate in such rituals, but it becomes much more difficult.

I would think that Catholics would be willing to make real sacrifices to prevent satanists from desecrating our Lord’s Body and Blood. Yet is receiving on the tongue really a sacrifice for the recipient? I ask this question in charity– what good comes to the soul by receiving our Lord in the hand, instead of directly on the tongue? What good comes that outweighs the negative inherently present– particles of the Host being spread on the clothing, on the ground, and other places, and when the chalice is given, drops of the Precious Blood suffering similar fates?

There is nothing to prevent any Bishop from prescribing Communion on the tongue only. I pray that the Pope issues a definitive ruling on this, but until then, that many Bishops take the lead on this.

2. Only two things stand in the way of reconciliation between the Archdiocese and St. Stanislaus Kostka, and these two things are actually two people. The usurping pseudo-pastor, Mr. Bozek, and William Bialczak, who heads the Board of Directors. Bozek won’t leave until the Board fires him, and even then Metropolitan Towing will probably have to haul away his BMW and lock up the swinging bachelor pad. But Metropolitan Towing won’t do this until its owner, the aforementioned Bialczak, gives the word. And by give the word, I mean marshall the votes on the Board to fire Mr. Bozek. He has some of his own problems, legally speaking, at the moment. However, Bialczak can cause the termination of Mr. Bozek basically whenever he wants. This is simply reality when a church is in de facto control of the most powerful layman in the group.

But in terms of the complaints that the media was happy to trumpet about the treatment poor St. Stan’s was getting from the Bully, that can be put to rest. Not only was the Archbishop in the right, as I have written about many times, but in order to save souls the outgoing Archbishop, the Administrator Bishop Hermann, and now Archbishop Carlson, too, have offered the excommunicated Board everything it wanted– status quo on the governance of the Church, readmission as a Catholic parish with a Polish-speaking pastor in good standing, and retention of control over the $750 trillion dollars (sorry, couldn’t resist) in possession of the parish– all for the asking, with only one condition.

Bozek must go.

Of course he should. He is disgraced; he is degraded from the clerical state; he preaches a heterodox doctrine; he is a local and national bad joke.

Archbishop Burke’s stance had proven correct, and the medicinal penalty of excommunication did in fact lead several former Board members to reconcile with the Church. Then, the lawsuit by the legitimate Board and the Archdiocese has sought to return the former parish to the Catholics driven out of there. And all the while, the Church continues to offer the olive branch to anyone at St. Stan’s with a good will. The latest offer I have on good authority.

So, as we proved before it really wasn’t about the money, now it is demonstrably true that it isn’t about the control, either. Either the standoff is simply pride, or it is what pride has produced– heresy and schism. It is the pride of the petulant non serviam.

I give the Archbishop credit for continuing the policy of rapprochement, even though the Archdiocese is unquestionably in the right. Why? Because Bozek’s continued presence is such a danger to souls and a scandal to the faithful that the removal of his presence is essential.

Pray, please, for the Archbishop, and those at St. Stan’s; may this matter be finally concluded to the concord of souls.

3. If you have had a comment submitted for moderation lately that didn’t make the cut, I just want to give you some insight. It is easy to post comments with an identifying name attached, and I have made several pleas that people do so, in order to facilitate easy discussion without confusion. Yet I don’t reject comments merely because they are anonymous. However, if they are anonymous, they are scrutinized a little more when I can’t determine if they are serious, or charitable, or vulgar, or sarcastic, or a flamethrower’s puerility, or a moveondotorg campaign. Disagreement with the blogger is not the reason some comments get deleted, but I won’t give space to people who just want to be inflammatory for no good reason, who calumniate, who blaspheme, or who openly show contumely for the Church and her legitimate pastors.

After all, it is just a blog. And if you don’t like Saint Louis Catholic, that is OK. Start your own.

4. Speaking of the Nativity of Mary, The Liturgical Year has some poignant passages for reflection on the Feast day and all during the Octave. Here’s one:

“Queen of angels, thou art our Queen also; accept us as thy liegemen. On this day, when the first movement of they holy soul was towards God, and the first smile of they lovely eyes was for thy happy parents, may holy Anne allow us to kneel and kiss thy little hand, already filled with the divine bounties of which thou art the predestined dispenser. And now, grow up, sweet little one! Let thy feet be strengthened to crush the serpent, and thy arms to carry the treasure of the world! Angels and men, the whole of nature, God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, all are awaiting the solemn moment, when Gabriel may fly down from heaven to hail thee full of grace, and bring thee the message of eternal love.”

Tomorrow is the Feast of Mary’s Most Holy Name. Mother of God, pray for us! Have a great weekend, everyone.