Some time before he departed for Rome, Archbishop Burke gave a great gift to the Archdiocese of Saint Louis by appointing Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB, to head the Institute of Sacred Music for the Archdiocese. Fr. Weber’s work is widely known and admired both by those attached to the traditional liturgical forms and by those who are desirous to further the reform of the newer form in conformity with Sacrosanctum Concilium and the unbroken tradition of the Church.

NLM covers an introit, offertory and communion composition– in English, and in Chant– for a sacred music colloquium recently held in Chicago. Story and video can be found here.

The importance of Fr. Weber’s efforts cannot be overstated. Bringing chant to the average parish is of vital importance in any work of liturgical restoration. English language Chant must be available to Catholic musicians as long as English language celebration remains a licit possibility.

Greater reverence and continuity in the celebration of the Mass, in any form, benefits the Church and gives God the worship He is due. I pray that the Archdiocese more and more supports the worthy efforts of the Institute of Sacred Music to help guarantee the beauty of the liturgy here.