The pretend priestesses and anti-Catholic fellow travelers are all set to do it again. By “do it”, I mean, “not do it”. As in not being made Catholic priests. Because as everyone knows by now–especially them– it is an ontological impossibility, infallibly defined by the ordinary magisterium of the Church.

Back on point, the deluded gals over at the hopefully-named “Roman Catholic Womenpriest” organization are all set to commit more Kabuki theater semi-ordinations. Now that Archbishop Burke is gone, they figure they’ll try the new one.

Elsie and Rose are part of the organizing gang over at the divine wisdomy sprity centering power center of centerville, or whatever the place is called. Rabbi Talve and Sister Lears apparently had enough sense this time to stay out of it. Bring your digital camera to get a glimpse of the Bozek, in case he makes a cameo.

It makes me miss the barge days (“hope floats”?)– you can see one of these comical adventures pictured above.

Below is a press release from the ladies; I have taken the liberty of offering corrections for accuracy’s sake:



(Not) St. Louis area Roman Catholic Womanpriest (Whateverthismeans)
to be ordained
(actually, not)

Release Date: October 1, 2009

Rev. Rose Marie Hudson
Rev. Elsie Hainz McGrath
Deacon Marybeth McBryan
(despite their publicity cravings, I won’t be listing their phone numbers)

(well, not really) Marybeth McBryan, of St. Louis, will be engaging in a sacrilegious farce where she will pretend, and those gathered will go along so as to partake in the potluck afterwards, and then tell the local press that she was ordained a priest on November 1, 2009, All Saints Day (I think they are a day too late, if you get my drift). The celebration will be in her home community of Therese of Divine Peace, with Bishop (Ha!) Joan Clark Houk officiating. Plenty of parking.

Marybeth has been heavily involved in parish ministries in the Archdiocese of St. Louis
(sigh) for nearly 30 years, but luckily no actual Catholic doctrine got through. A mother and grandmother, she is a former teacher in both parochial and public schools, so you can see the state we’re in, and has also served on the Board of Education of the St. Louis Public Schools. Marybeth has a Master’s in education with secondary degrees in administration and counseling, and has accrued 40+ hours in theology, liturgy and religious education. She is currently a part of the music ministry and serves not as deacon at Therese of Divine Peace, and will continue on the ministerial staff there following her ordination as priest, or after the ceremony, whichever is accurate.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests continue to validly ordain women
in our their own minds, maybe, and marginalized men (sorry, Marek and friends) to the Roman Catholic priesthood (not) in a (futile) effort to (not)bring reform and renewal into an unjust hierarchical structure (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) that is increasingly misogynous and misoneist— we’re smart, see, we know big, big words! Rather than looking backward and inward, because that would be gross, Roman Catholic Womenpriests continue to look forward and outward in the spirit of Vatican II (drink!). We are here. We are ministering. We are growing (Not. Going. To. Say. It.). We are not going away, whatever the demographics otherwise suggest.

fake ordination is at 5 p.m. on Sunday, November 1, 2009, with the Therese of Divine Peace Inclusive Community. The Therese community meets at First Unitarian Universalist Church (of course!) of St. Louis, 5007 Waterman Blvd. The seriously fake and pathetic immoral psuedo ordination will take place in the sanctuary, and a light reception will follow in the Fellowship Hall. Potluck it is!

Therese of Divine Peace Inclusive Community celebrates together every Sunday at 5 p.m.
All states of mental health are welcome. Regular services take place in Hope Chapel, at the rear of the First Unitarian complex. Our liturgy has continued without interruption since December 1, 2007, and BOY are we getting tired by now, because we strive to imitate Jesus, who always and everywhere made clear to everyone that ALL ARE WELCOME to the eternal fate they choose by their actions here on earth; He also founded a Church, which we believe we are smart to disobey and put our souls at stake, but hey– why get in the way of a good slogan?

Marginalized men! I just love it!