On the occasion of the first anniversary of its elevation to pontifical right, members of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest attended the Pope’s general audience October 7 and had the opportunity to greet the Holy Father. Canon Mora (co-founder of the Institute), and Canons Lenhardt, Lebocq and Lefevre were among them. Unfortunately, Monsignor Wach was not able to be in Rome, but the Holy Father sent his greetings.

Now, I wasn’t there personally, but I think I can just make out the gist of the conversation between Canon Lenhardt and His Holiness below:

“Your Holiness, it’s called Saint Louis Catholic. It’s a blog. I’ve taken the liberty of printing you a screen shot.”

“This audience is over. Guards!”

photos from the Institute’s French language site:  http://www.icrsp.org/IMAGES-APOSTOLATS/IMAGES-2009/Gricigliano/Audience/audience.htm