A reader sent me the latest issue of the St. Cronan Chronicle. He meant it kindly, I think, but reading it is a form of penance. The Chronicle is verily a chronicle of heresy and schism, with which one gets weary fairly quickly. However, for purposes of recording the relevant as it relates to our leading renegade parish, there was one particularly odious incident described as follows:

“[Sister] Louise [Lears] described the weekend after the interdict had been imposed. Her mother and sister had come to St. Louis to be with her, because they knew she needed all the support she could get at that point. They attended our 10 a.m. Liturgy, and of course Louise was not supposed to receive communion. And while no one at St. Cronan would have refused her communion, she did not want to put the parish at risk, knowing it was very likely that she and our community were being watched. So at communion her mother and her sister brought back communion to her. Several other Cronanites did the same, so that by the end of communion she had a handful of hosts!”

Yes, consider this warm and approving description of possible mortal sins committed with knowledge of, and further in defiance of, an interdict lawfully issued by the Archbishop of Saint Louis. This is the state of affairs in this parish. Even with the above description of “heroic defiance” one perceives that they can only tweak the nose of those Christ placed in authority just so much. You will notice that the piece fails to “chronicle” whether Lears consumed the Hosts.

In any event, the place continues to glory in its own contumacious behavior.

Act of Reparation to the Most Blessed Sacrament

With that most profound respect
which divine Faith inspires,
O my God and Saviour Jesus Christ,
true God and true man,
I adore Thee,
and with my whole heart I love Thee,
hidden in the most august Sacrament of the Altar,
in reparation of all the irreverences,
profanations, and sacrileges, that I,
to my shame, may have until now committed,
as also for all those
that have been committed against Thee,
or that may be ever committed for the time to come.

I offer to Thee,
therefore, O my God,
my humble adoration, not indeed,
such as Thou art worthy of,
nor such as I owe Thee,
but such, at least,
as I am capable of offering;
and I wish that I could love Thee
with the most perfect love
of which rational creatures are capable.

In the meantime,
I desire to adore Thee now and always,
not only for those Catholics
who do not adore or love Thee,
but also so supply the defect,
and for the conversion of all heretics,
schismatics, libertines,
atheists, blasphemers,
sorcerers, Mohammedans,
Jews, and idolaters.

Ah! yes, my Jesus,
mayest Thou be known,
adored, and loved by all
and may thanks be continually given to Thee
in the most holy and august Sacrament!