The tears of joy at the departure of Archbishop Burke were real.

The tears of joy to welcome Archbishop Carlson, not so much.

Fellow Catholics in St. Louis, there is an organization called Catholic Action Network that has a branch of anti-Catholic Catholics operating in this Archdiocese. Their pet issues are typical fare of the post-christian, secular far-left: destruction of the institution of marriage, socialist economic policies that serve to increase the power of government, environmental whacko-ism, and, of course, destruction of the Roman Catholic priesthood.

Among their host bodies is St. Cronan parish, which used to occasionally host their “women-led liturgies” until the heat was turned up. St. Cronan still provides support for CAN on its site (stomach their “core values” here, if you dare), as does St. Stanislaus Kostka formerly Catholic parish. Why DO those names keep coming up?

In case you’re wondering, you don’t find a lot about Eucharistic adoration, prayers for the Holy Father, or Fatima on their site.

Well, we all heard the squeals of glee when the change of leadership was effected in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. Now, the (gay marriage?) honeymoon is decidedly over. CAN is joining forces with the whimsically-named “Show Me No Hate” group to call for a protest against Archbishop Carlson at the Cathedral on Sunday:


An Open Letter From Ed Reggi, Show Me No Hate

ST. LOUIS – Tim Townsend of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on November 11th broke the story how the St. Louis diocese funded an anti-gay marriage ballot measure in Maine.

The local Catholic money was used to pay for a ballot measure called, “Question 1,” that asked Maine voters if they should take away the right of lesbians and gays to legally marry in their State. Unlike Proposition 8 in California, the right of marriage was already granted to same-sex couples by the Maine legislature and signed into law by Maine’s (who is Catholic) Governor John Baldacci. This was a measure to take-away rights already granted.

Make no doubt, Saint Louis Archbishop Carlson, along with dozens of Catholic Bishops across the United States donated over $180,000 to the Maine campaign that erased Maine’s new Marriage Equality law; furthermore, they donated the money during a time when the Catholic Church is cutting, slashing and closing down parishes.

It’s time for St. Louis Catholics and non-Catholics; gay and straight community; to come together and peacefully tell the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, that there are better uses for the local $10,000 Catholic dollars.

Last November over 1400 St. Louisans stood on the steps of the Historic St. Louis Old Court House to show solidarity to all those affected in California after the passing of Proposition 8.

On Sunday November 29th from 11:30am to 1:30pm; in front of the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica steps, we are asking St. Louis again to stand for equality. We gather again in solidarity for those not only discriminated against in Maine – but we stand for religious tolerance and diversity in our community.

Sunday November 29th: there is no better date than the first day of Advent to rally for Equality. Sunday November 29th marks the first day of Advent, a time for Catholics and Christians to prepare or “make things holy,” before the holiday. Advent literally translates to “coming” and we cannot think of any better time to “come-out” and “come-forward” as a community.

This rally is organized by: Catholic Action Network, Holy Families Committee and Show Me No Hate


No matter how few protesters show up, it will likely be reported as 1400. But no matter. CAN has reaffirmed its lack of Catholic identity, and its repudiation of Catholic teaching on marriage. How long can they engage in the false advertising that attempts to deceive people that they are Catholic? And how long can a Catholic parish openly support such a group, that foments contumely on their Archbishop?