Readers know that sometimes I like to take an article or statement from some anti-Catholic source and provide my own commentary to highlight the errors or ridiculousness it contains.  Well, thanks to the “Catholic” Action Network”, I don’t need to make any comment to this one, taken directly from its site:
Creative and Liberating Liturgies Workshop Facilitated by Victoria Rue, Ph.D

11:30-3:30 pm Saturday, Dec 12th 1077 S Newstead

This workshop introduces participants to the use of embodied prayer, theatre and feminist ritual as important additions to creative and liberating liturgies.
While conventional liturgies stress spoken prayer and occasional gestures, embodied worship brings a congregation into the present moment and a sense of shared presence through the recognition of the whole body in worship. The use of theatre in worship offers a congregation the opportunity to encounter biblical texts and contemporary applications with an embodied/engaged approach. Feminist ritual and liturgy grew from people whose experience was marginalized in worship, particularly women. In our workshop will also explore facets of feminist ritual as it expresses authentic and inclusive relationships with God, one another and our created world.

Bring your frustrations, your hopes and a willingness to explore new paths. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes that would allow you to engage in movement.
Learning Goals:

•To provide participants with seeds that can flower into ideas and inspirations for their own creation of liturgies

•To offer theatre skills that can be utilized in creative and liberating liturgies such as characterization, improvisation, monologue writing.

•To understand and appreciate the value of embodied worship as well as experience it as vital to a worshipping community

•To challenge each participant to dream and act anew for the renewal of ourselves, our communities and our world.