Not surprisingly, the pro-sodomy protests in front of the Cathedral of Saint Louis by 1400 people 65 people failed to generate any traction, which is defined by these groups as getting lots of camera time. As Advent winds down– the stated period of time for the protests– these advocates seemingly get more and more desperate for attention.

The best way to garner attention, as sham artists like Al Sharpton can tell you, is to get arrested by the local constabulary as you gloriously advance the banner of tolerance and love. But this, too, can be hard, as the local police can barely muster the interest to do so. Well, the “Show Me No Hate”-ers gave it their best shot yesterday anyway.

KMOX has run a story today about the kerfuffle that wasn’t. Let’s start with a photo (by Chris Weiss and found at of the 1400 protesters 65 protesters:

Impressive, no doubt. But you can only really experience the absolute terror of the jackbooted stormtroopers (known to some as the police) who try to crush the glorious loveforces of love in these two videos also found at the KMOX site:

Well, it goes without saying that no one was arrested, to the apparent consternation of the protesters, who try to make the most of it anyway. Excerpts from the full story, with some comments:

Protestors accuse church and state of muffling their message

Kevin Killeen Reporting

ST. LOUIS (KMOX Radio) — Supporters of gay marriage protesting outside the New Cathedral claim St. Louis police harrassed them, under the direction — they suspect — of the Archdiocese.


[The organizer] claims two public relations workers with the Archdiocese were on site talking with police, and he suspects the church orchestrated the pushback [jumping to rash conclusions = love].

At issue in Sunday’s disagreement was whether protestors had the right by their permit to stand both on the sidewalk and near their parked cars. When threatened with arrest, protestors backed away to the sidewalk. [Not exactly Selma, is it?]


The Archdiocese spokesperson released a statement saying “police were not called by them, nor by the Archbishop, who was out of town and unaware of the protests.” [But who can believe them?]

St. Louis Police also released a statement on the incident: “Several of the protestors told police that they wanted to get arrested for the media attention. [Noooo! That can’t be true!] They have been doing these protests every week for several weeks now with no arrests, so this is their way of getting media attention. If someone is alleging officer misconduct, we encourage them to contact the Internal Affairs Division.”

Protestors are calling on their members to “show up in full force” [1400 people 67 people] this Sunday December 20th at noon outside the New Cathedral . “Our phones are ringing off the hook [2 calls in an hour at least] with angry upset Catholics,” [the organizer] said, “We’re calling on the entire St.Louis LGBT [and XYZLMNOP] and Straight ally community to stand together for Equality next Sunday.”

Hey, good luck with that!