I was talking to my brother yesterday, after the last post on the “health” “care” “bill”, and it struck me during this conversation that there is one other major result of the Senate sell-out. While it may have been true for some time now, it was not yet undeniable.

And that is that there is no more semblance or pretense of representative government in this country.

After all, what are people advised to do when they want to support or oppose legislation? Call your representatives; write letters to the editor; email, write and speak on behalf of your position; show up at constituent meetings; testify before the legislative body; vote in public opinion polls; sign petitions, bring community pressure to bear– in short, make it clear to those public officials who are supposed to represent you that the majority feels the way you do.

Now, in the healthcare takeover debacle, not only was all this done, but it was done in such groundbreaking numbers and with unflagging zeal and effort that it could not have been more obvious that people did not want this bill to pass. The mainstream media smears and information blackout couldn’t stop the success of the protests. Voting in the middle of the night like cockroaches afraid of the light couldn’t hide the fact. Despite every disadvantage, the polls reflected unanimously that at least a solid majority opposed the House and the Senate bills. In fact, more people thought doing NOTHING at all was preferable to the bills on the table.

Yet, your so-called representatives, including every Democrat in the Senate, and the nearly every Democrat in the House, ignored you. Out of 216 Republicans in both houses of Congress, only one voted for it, Rep. Cao of Louisiana. These people couldn’t care less about what you think. The leader demanded action from his chattel, and they performed.

Now, you are going to pay. You face being forced at the point of fines and jail to buy a product from a private company. Aren’t the 5th, 10th, 13th, and 14th Amendments still in effect? I guess not.

The Republic is dead. Enter the Brave New World.