From time to time I cover the whole veiling issue at this site. If you have read for any length of time, you know that I am a proponent of making more widely known the fact that covering one’s head at Mass is still obligatory for women under canon law.

An offshoot topic is the reality many women who do “veil” at the Traditional Mass (Extraordinary Form), do not veil when attending the Novus Ordo (Ordinary Form). Regardless of whether one veils out of tradition, or obligation, or preference, it is undeniable that there seems to be a reluctance to veil at the Ordinary Form. So, I thought to myself, why should this be? Is God God in the EF and not in the OF? Of course not. Is the EF a “real” Mass but the OF isn’t? No again. So what are the reasons? Embarrassment? Something else?

Therefore, I have put up a poll on the right of the blog giving some possible explanations for this anomaly. I ask readers to play this straight, and not to comment if 1) you are a man, 2) if you always veil, regardless of form;, or 3) if you never veil at all, regardless of form. As your name is nowhere attached to the poll, please don’t be afraid to participate. This is science, science, I say!

Thanks. Please, all readers, feel free to comment regarding the poll in the combox to this post.