A reader sent me the following email– I haven’t had the chance to verify the underlying information due to work constraints, but wanted to give a heads up and contact info for those who may be affected:

My mom woke up this morning to find that Charter Communications had removed EWTN from their normal cable lineup, and was now requiring customers to sign up for their digital package in order to get it. She called, and they told her that it was EWTN’s decision to be removed. However, she called EWTN and EWTN told her that this is false.

This is over here in Illinois, but I cannot verify if it has also happened on your side of the river.

Here is the email she wrote and forwarded to her friends.

———–I woke up this morning to find that Charter has removed EWTN from their channel lineup. When I called them they said that it was EWTN’s choice to “go digital” and would charge an extra 5 dollars a month to get “the box” to view it. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. EWTN is always provided free to the cable networks so all people can have access to it. They certainly did not request to be an “elite”channel. […] EWTN has their staff working on the situation but they suggested that as many customers as possible call to complain to Charter.

Here’s the number: 1-888-438-2427

If you call, the automated voice will prompt you to say “agent” to get to a real human being. Politely tell them that you know that is not true and (if you feel like it) suggest that you might feel compelled to drop them as your cable provider. If enough people complain perhaps by the end of the day the channel will be restored. Again, I spoke with EWTN twice to verify that this change was not requested by the network …. No doubt today there will be a lot of Catholics and non-Catholics alike who will be missing the comfort and inspiration that EWTN provides for them every day…. Please lend your voices to this effort.