It is Jesus alone that we must listen to and follow. Let us give ourselves up to Him through faith, trust, love, humility, obedience, abandon to Him. If our soul is closed to the noises of earth, to the tumults of the passions and of the senses, the Word Incarnate will become the Master of our soul little by little; He will make us understand that the true joys, the deepest joys, are those which are found in serving Him. The soul that has the happiness of being admitted, like the privileged apostles, into the Divine Master’s intimacy will sometimes experience the need to cry out like St. Peter: “Lord, it is good for us to be here.”

Undoubtedly, Jesus will not always lead us to Tabor– there where it is “good to be”; He does not always give us feelings of consolation. If He does give us them, we must not spurn them, for they come from Him. We must accept them humbly, but without seeking them again for ourselves or becoming attached to them. St. Leo notes that Our Lord did not reply to Peter when the latter suggested setting up some tents to establish a lasting dwelling in that place of beatitude. Not the He condemned the idea, says St. Leo, but that then was not the time for it. As long as we are still here below, it is more often to Calvary that Jesus leads us–that is to say, through what is opposed to our own will, through trials, temptations.


Let us remain faithful to Jesus, despite everything. He is the Son of God, equal to God the Father–that we know. His words do not pass: He is the Eternal Word. Well, He affirms that those who “follow Him” will attain to “the light of life.” Happy are the souls who listen to Him, who listen to Him alone and listen to Him always, without doubting His words, without letting themselves be disturbed by the blasphemies of His enemies, without letting themselves be overcome by temptations, without letting themselves be disheartened by trials! “For our present light affliction, which is for the moment, prepares us for an eternal weight of glory that is beyond all measure,” says St. Paul. We do not know what weight of glory is reserved for us because of the least of our sufferings borne in union with Christ Jesus. “God is faithful”; and in all the vicissitudes they pass through, God will infallibly guide those faithful souls to the transformation which makes them resemble His Son.

And so, our transfiguration into Jesus comes about little by little, interiorly, until the day when it will be revealed, radiant in that company of the elect who bear the sign of the Lamb, and whom the Lamb transfigures because they are His.

–Blessed Columba Marmion