From the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest comes exciting news for young people with an interest in choral music. Under the direction of a faculty of stellar Catholic musicians, young people ages 9-15 will have the opportunity to experience intensive Catholic choral training at the Ursuline Motherhouse of Mount Saint Joseph in Kentucky.

The faculty are impressive:

Nick Botkins, Director of Sacred Music and Master of the Choirs at St. Francis de Sales Oratory;

Kevin Allen, Church Composer and Chant Master at the Monastery of the Holy Cross;

Zach Ullery, Assistant Organist at the American Cathedral in Paris, France;

Aristotle A. Esguerra, Music Director for St. Mary’s and St. Ignatius Churches in Wisconsin;

and Joe Reidy, Ph.D. student of Byzantine History at Saint Louis University.

This camp provides an immersion experience in Catholic choral music, with instruction in vocal technique, musicianship, beginning Latin, music theory, and also including the option of private instrumental lessons.

The event will also be well-chaperoned, with two choir mothers (one of whom is a physician) and four young adult camp counselors.

I am very excited about this camp– it is a great opportunity for Catholic youth who wish to pursue their musical talents and learn more about the liturgy.

From the Institute’s website:

The Institute is pleased to offer a unique opportunity to children age 9-15: a completely immersive experience in Catholic choral music and musicianship. The splendid campus of the Ursuline Motherhouse of Mount Saint Joseph in Kentucky will provide the ideal setting for the camp.

Choristers who attend the choir camp will enter a world of daily prayer and music-making with their fellow campers. The personal musical advancement the choristers make will be comparable to a full year of standard weekly choir rehearsals. Classes are taught by practicing Catholic musicians.

Fee, with sibling discount: The cost is $360 for the first camper, $310 for the second, and $250 for each camper thereafter. A limited amount of space is available. You may register online. (SLC Note: you may also register by mail.)

See the brochure for more information and a complete schedule. Please direct questions to Mr. Nick Botkins (314-771-3100) at the Institute’s St. Francis de Sales Oratory.